Winter Sewing Project Ideas

Make time for fun this season. The winter brings enjoyable sewing projects. These include items that save energy and keep you warm.

Winter Sewing Projects for Personal Comfort

Bed runners are narrow, long quilts that fit over the foot of the bed. These will keep your feet cozy warm. Though they’re shaped like table runners, these are somewhat larger. Coordinate the fabrics with the rest of the bedding. This project offers a way to add additional color and seasonal interest to the bedroom if you have a plain, solid colored comforter.

Sew extra throws to keep around the house wherever you sit or stretch out for naps. Throws can be quilted or unquilted. Almost any kind of fabric is suitable for throws.

Fleece is especially warm for winter. If you have lots of fleece scraps, sew these together for a patchwork fleece throw. Create a special stadium throw for outdoor use. Add detachable straps so this can be rolled up and carried to outdoor events.

The next time you’re taking hot towels out of the dryer drape one around your shoulders and neck. The warmth melts away muscle tension and stress. Sew a neck and shoulder wrap that serves the same purpose. It can also be used for aches and pains. This is usually filled with buckwheat, rice, or field corn. Some people also add some scented herbs, particularly lavender. Before using the wrap, heat it in the microwave for a couple minutes.

The shape and size of the wrap can vary. Some are simply long, slender tubes to fit around the neck. Other styles fit around the shoulders and neck.

Other Winter Sewing Project Ideas

Save energy and decorate the home with window draft stoppers. These are highly recommended for old, drafty houses that haven’t been retrofitted with energy-saving new windows.

These resemble the draft stoppers used for outer doors. They’re designed to rest on top of the window sill and block out the cold air. Measure the length and width of the window sill. When cutting the fabric, be sure and add seam allowances for the sides and ends. These draft stoppers can be stuffed with polyester fiberfill or batting scraps left over from quilting projects.

Decorate the home for winter. Create a festive look for the dining table or breakfast nook with winter prints and motifs. Use these winter fabrics for place mats, napkins, table runners, and table quilts.

Sew lovely fabric covers for those popcorn and snack cans lying around the living/family room. The same approach works for house plants and flowering plants. Cover only the sides of the pots, leaving the bottom free so the water can drain out when you water the plant.

If you have lots of house plants, make some decorative fabric plant pokes. Most any winter motif, such as snowflakes, would be suitable for these ornaments. Felt plant pokes are the easiest to make. Stuffed ones are also quite attractive. Attach the ornament to one end of a short dowel. Insert the other end of the dowel in the flower pot.

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