Singer 14SH654 Finishing Touch Sewing Machine Review

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Sewing projects comes in the best time of opportunity especially if you are a sewing enthusiast. You get to create different styles and designs of fabrics and clothing that you want to own or sell. This is why, it is important that you get to know your first ever Singer 14SH654 finishing touch sewing machine so that you can make as much projects as you want. Although the traditional Singer sewing machine never runs out of style in the fabric industry, the use of an alternative option for sewing is a right choice as well.

The Singer 14SH654 touching sewing machine is your perfect pursuit of making your sewing projects a good fit to anything that you want to create whether you opt to make a curtain, bed sheets, cover sheets, apparels and other more products that will make use of the machine. One factor that guarantees your benefit is that you can use in serge out rough edges that will make it seamless again. The sewing style will surely look like it is done by a professional.

Features and Special Specifications

SINGER 14SH6540 Differential-Feed Serger Sewing Machine Product Image 21. If you are looking for a functional differential feed type such as a color-coding of threads for you to use and you do not have to worry about its adjustments as this is made easy for your convenience and comfort. This is composed of 3 to 4 cone threads, which is easy to handle and making a piece of clothing is faster to finish compared to the traditional sewing machine.

2. it has a built-in storage for accessories and you can as well easily convert it with a sewing style that you are comfortable doing such as the use of a free-arm sewing.

3. adjustable stitching width- the good with a Singer 14SH654 touching sewing machine is that you can adjust the width and the length according to your usage. Make sure that you adjust the width in about 3.0 to 6.7millimeters and the length for about 2.0 to 4.0millimeters.

4. the speed of sewing measures for about 1,300spm because this actually have a two-needle sewing type of machine. This means that you can hasten your work as much as you want.

5. the convenient use of the Singer 14SH654 touching sewing machine ensure that it can be placed in an area of your choice. For example on a desk or table as to where you will be working your project. This measures approximately 15x13x12 2/7 inches and should use 110volt only.

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Setting up your sewing machine.

As soon as you have purchased it at the store or to any shopping online, the next thing is to set it up. Always use the manual’s guide as your references in order for you to avoid damage of the equipment.

Furthermore, if you want to purchase it in any local stores or at sewing company online shops, it is best that you compare each of the prices that is according to your budget. Keeping in mind that for every company or seller provides a variation of price range.

This has an optional pressure feet- the standard Singer sewing machine usually comes with a pressure foot for you to run the sewing machine and the fabric altogether. However, with Singer 14SH654 finishing touch sewing machine provides an option for you to use it or you can use the arm sewing depending on the garment or fabric that you are using.

Therefore, if you want to ensure an easy, comfortable and convenient way of making your sewing projects exciting and enjoyable, the Singer 14SH654 finishing touch sewing machine is a great option for you to consider in the market to purchase.

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