Sewing with Bandannas

Choose versatile bandannas for your next sewing project. These come in a wide range of colors.

Bandannas are very versatile items. These can be used for many kinds of sewing projects. They’re affordable, readily available, and easy to sew. These materials offer quick and easy ways to add color to one’s wardrobe or home. Bandannas can also be used as ruffles and trim for a wide range of sewing projects.

These come in a vast array of hot and cool colors. Most feature a mix of several shades. In addition to the traditional kerchief style, this is sometimes sold by the yard.

History of Bandannas

Depending on one’s source, the bandanna is classified as a type of calico or paisley. The original bandannas had a white or brightly colored pattern printed on a red or dark background. These were originally made in India from a silk/cotton blend.

The first 100% cotton bandannas came from Glasgow. These were intended for clothing. The material was manufactured for domestic use as well as for export.

Uses for Bandannas

Bandannas can be used for clothing as well as for crafts and decorating. Use them for children’s rooms as youngsters benefit from the stimulation provided by bright colors. They’re often used for stuffed animals and doll clothing. These materials can also serve as book jackets.

Various types of bags can be made from bandannas. These include totes and shopping bags as well as shoe bags. For heavy use, add a lining to the bag.

Bandannas are ideal for patchwork projects. For a stunning quilt, use black as the background color and the borders. Mix and match bandanna prints in a range of colors.

Decorating with Bandannas

Bandannas are often used for decorating accents. They add a warm, comfortable touch to a room. Suggested items include wall hangings, lamp shades, basket liners, sachets, memo boards, jar toppers, fabric boxes and bowls, pillows, jar candle covers, hanger covers, bolster covers, and folding screens.

For windows, these can serve as curtain tie backs, tabs, bows, borders, and trims. They’re suitable for Roman blinds as well. Bandannas can also be used for throws. For an Americana project, select red and blue bandannas.

For the dining room and breakfast nook, sew bandanna seat covers or cushions. Use this material for both dining and coffee tables. They make good table scarves, napkins, napkin rings, table runners, and place mats.

For decorating projects, bandannas can be mixed and matched with other fabrics, such as solids, checks, and stripes. For best results, combine neighboring colors on the color wheel, for example yellow/orange/red. Another recommended color combination is tomato red with mustard. The easiest approach is to repeat a color used elsewhere in the room.

So far as decorating styles are concerned, bandannas can serve many roles. These are ideal for shabby chic, cottage, rustic, contemporary, and American country decorating schemes.

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