Sewing Organizers

Eliminate clutter with handy organizers. Simple hanging pockets and caddies are easy to sew. While most organizer sewing patterns are suitable for beginners, some prior sewing experience is helpful for others.

Bedroom Organizers

Bedroom organizers can take several forms. Whether large or small, these can have single or multiple pockets. An organizer with a single pocket can hang from a dowel on bedroom walls or doors. Attached to the box springs or bed skirt, bed caddies keep the stored items within easy reach.

A rocking chair is a good spot for a caddy. This usually hangs from a chair arm or from one side of the cushion.

For a nursery, the same types of organizers can be used as for other bedrooms. One type of organizer is designed especially for storing diapers.

For a child’s room or nursery, a quilt with pockets serves as a handy organizer. Often, a theme is chosen for the quilt, such as Noah’s Ark or nursery rhymes. The pockets are useful for small toys.

For the same reason, pillows with pockets are suitable for children’s rooms. Pocket pillows are the ideal place for storing stuffed animals or toys.

Laundry and Utility Room Organizers

Large organizers can be hung over doors or on the walls of utility/laundry rooms. Make the pockets large enough to hold essential cleaning and laundry supplies, such as rubber gloves, cleaning rags, and the like. To free up valuable floor space, sew a laundry bag that hangs on the back of the door.

Sewing and Craft Room Organizers

These rooms need lots of storage space. In addition to door and wall organizers, sew some for other locations. There are patterns for organizers that fit under the front of the sewing machine as well as ones that hang down the sides of a chair seat.

Small cloth rollups and cloth bags are handy for storing small sewing and embroidery aids, such as needles, thimbles, and scissors. This same style can also be used for artist’s brushes. One special organizer is called a needle book or needle case. This is useful for those who sew and embroider. A needle case can be modified to hold embroidery floss.

Create a row of single wall pockets that hang side by side on a ribbon. This style is especially good for sewing/craft rooms. However, it could be used in other rooms as well.

Kitchen Organizers

As with utility rooms, the items used most often need to be easily available in the kitchen. Wall organizers in many lovely shapes and sizes are suitable for this area. There are many sewing patterns for kitchen organizers.

Closet Organizers

All sorts of organizers and caddies are suitable for closets. The style and size depends upon the space you have available. All of the major pattern companies have patterns for closets.

Miscellaneous Organizers

For back-to-school projects in the fall, consider a locker pocket. This useful item allows more space to be used for storage.

Car caddies are convenient. They reduce clutter in the vehicle. Typically, these hang on the backs of the seats. These give children a place to store essential items. A car caddy is sometimes called a car knapsack due to the numerous pockets it contains. A number of car caddy sewing patterns are available.

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