Sewing and Needlework Resolutions: How Your Favorite Needlecraft Can Help With New Year Pledges

These are the most popular New Year’s resolutions ( – however, how do they apply to sewing and needlework…?

Lose Weight

If your needlework habit involves a few yummy treats to help you with your craft, introduce some other types of treat! How about saving the money from food treats and putting this towards a new magazine or some interesting new supplies. Don’t give up on the treats – just make them the non-edible kind!

Remember that when those pounds start dropping off then there will be seams to take in and new clothes to make – so start planning now!

Pay Off Debt

Debt and money issues are a worry at any time of year, but particularly after the season of giving. Is there a way you can raise money to pay off credit cards or other bills by selling some of your wonderful handmade products? Websites such as are an excellent way to find customers. Also take a look through your work room for any odds and ends of supplies that you could sell through; it is often surprising what other people are looking for and this can be a great way to de-clutter and make some money.

Save Money

Saving money is difficult for any sewing or needlecrafter. There is always a new ‘must have’ item waiting to be bought. This year, try to resist impulse purchases and wait at least a fortnight before buying something new. This ‘cooling off’ period often gives you the opportunity to reconsider whether something really is a complete necessity or simply something that is nice to have.

Get a Better Job

The ultimate dream is making a career from a hobby or craft. Some people achieve this and it can be very rewarding. Take a look at your sewing and needlecraft skills and research the market. Why not dip your toe in the water this year by trying a few craft markets?

Get Fit

This isn’t an excuse at all – however it is very difficult when your hobby entails sitting down a lot to keep fit! The temptation to spend time sewing and crafting rather than exercising is often overwhelming. The only solution is sadly to make time for exercise; however this could be combined with project planning sessions. A brisk walk around the block can help stimulate thought and help with the creation of a new wonderful sewing project.

Eat Right

Sewers and needlecrafters need their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day too! Keep a supply of fruit and mineral water in your workroom. Having this on hand means it is more likely to get eaten.

Get a Better Education

The Internet is packed full of great sewing and needlecraft tutorials. Whether you are looking to learn the basics or more advanced skills extensive tutorials are freely available to help. Why not draw up a plan of what you want to learn this year and set aside some time each month to follow a tutorial?

Quit Smoking Now

So much is written about giving up smoking that there is little else to say – however just think about all the wonderful fabrics, supplies, notions and other things that could be bought with a year’s worth of cigarette money.

Reduce Stress

Sometimes sewing can be stressful! A quilting project just won’t go to plan, or some embroidery takes a rather unexpected turn and stress is building. When this happens take a break – go for a walk around the block (this will also help with keeping fit!) and come back to it fresh. Do not go to bed feeling stressed about a project as this will result in a disturbed night’s sleep.

Take a Trip

Apparently taking a trip is amongst the top new year’s resolutions that are made. This is easy for sewers and needlecrafters! Take your pick from all the great shows and exhibitions that are on during the year. These can be a great way to find inspiration for new projects and learn new things – as well as seeing somewhere different.

Volunteer to Help Others

People blessed with the skills of sewing and needlework are in a great position to help others. Teaching people the basics of sewing or making items for charities and good causes are all easy to do and just require a little time. This can be very rewarding.

Hopefully this will provide a little inspiration!

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