Sewing Door Decorations: Door Banners, Mini Quilts, Fabric Garlands and More

Doors offer space to display your sewing skills. These are the ideal spot for various sorts of sewing projects. Here are some ideas.

Door Hangers

Start with the door knob. Create small decorations, which are called door hangers. In some cases, these feature the name of the room’s occupant.

Door hangers can be pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, or quilted. A combination of techniques can also be used. Attach a ribbon to the upper corners so the door hanger can be hung over the door knob.

Door Banners and Mini Wall Hangings

Narrow wall hangings and mini quilts are often small enough for doors. Poster Quilts with Patrick Lose was recently released by C & T Publishing. It features ten, appealing banners and mini-quilts that fit doors. These appliquéd projects are fused. This title includes a tear-out sheet with full size templates. Some of these designs depict seasonal themes, while others can be displayed year-round.

For a quick and easy door banner, buy one of the narrow, printed fabric panels. Some of these depict seasonal motifs, such as garden scenes and flowers for summer.

To give the fabric panel some body, add a heavy backing. Cut the backing the same size as the front. With the right sides together, sew the front and back together. Leave an opening for turning. Turn, and slipstitch the opening. Add tabs on the back for a dowel.

Four Corners Designs has an entire collection of door banner patterns. This mini quilt series features 12 by 24 inch designs that are small enough to fit doors. By designer Kathy Schmitz, these combine easy patchwork and appliqué along with some embroidery. For November, the seasonal motif is a lovely cornucopia.

Create a display of fabric flowers in a basket. One side of the basket needs to be flat so it will fit flush against the door. Sew an attractive basket liner. Then, fill the basket with the flowers. This can be hung on the door knob or on the door.

Simple, lined fabric bags also work for fabric flower displays on doors. Typically, these are rectangular. Add a fabric handle so the bag can be hung on the door or door knob.

Soft Stuffed Fabric Items

Various stuffed items can decorate doors, including stuffed fabric wreaths. Sew seasonal and non-seasonal fabric garlands to hang on doors. The motifs for the garland ornaments can range from pumpkins for fall to candy canes for Christmas. To create garlands, attach the stuffed ornaments to ribbon.

Stuffed figures are suitable for doors. There are a number of commercial sewing patterns that feature such items. Typically, these are seasonal figures, such as Santa.

Butterick pattern B4951 includes four figures with one for each season. There’s a bunny for spring, a snowman for winter, a witch for fall and a cat with flowers for summer. These projects use a combination of sewing and various craft techniques.

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