Make Your Own Summer Wardrobe Easy Sewing Ideas

The summer is a great time to invest in a wardrobe. You can wear these pieces through the winter with tights or an undershirt. What a great, inexpensive way to show the world who you are!

15 Minute Skirt

The 15 minute skirt is a pattern free way to build your wardrobe. Light, flowy materials work best with this project. You can purchase materials from a bargain bin, a garage sale, or anywhere that strikes your fancy. Using prints or plain, you will create a beautiful skirt that you can wear again and again.

  1. Measure your waist (where you want the skirt to fall on your waist.) Add one inch and then divide that number in half. Write it down on a piece of paper as #1.
  2. Double the number that you just wrote down and write it on your paper as #2.
  3. Measure from your waist line to where you want your skirt to hit, and add three inches. Write that down as #3.
  4. Lay material flat on the table, and fold over, being sure the fold is at least as wide as #2.
  5. Place a mark on the top of the material for #1.
  6. Measure from there, lengthwise. Make a mark at each end, labeling them both #3. Now place a mark at the end of that line and label it #2.
  7. Pin a string from #1 to #2 and use it as your cutting line.
  8. Repeat steps one thru seven.
  9. Sew the two sides together, and roll down to form a waistline, stitch in place and add elastic. Hem the bottom of the skirt one inch, rolling twice so there are no raw edges.

Screen Printed Tanks

Mens tanks are 3 for $7.00 and can be screen printed at home. To begin you will need the image you would like to use printed on white paper, gauzy screen material the size of your photo frame, an empty throw away wooden photo frame, a cereal box, a clip board, and fabric paint.

  1. Cut out the image you want to use, throwing away what you cut out and keeping the paper it came out of as your pattern.
  2. Place screen material over the top of this pattern, and tape both securely to the back of the photo frame so when you lay it on the shirt there will be no space between the screen and the shirt.
  3. Place the cereal box inside the shirt so the paint won’t go through to the back.
  4. Lay a strip of paint down on the shirt the width of the image you want, and quickly drag it across the screen using the clip board. You can do several passes depending on the depth of color you want. Do not move the screen at any time, until you are done.
  5. Allow the shirt to air dry completely before adding more images.
  6. Clean materials. Washing the screen with hot, soapy water will allow you to use it again. The only thing you will need to replace is the paper pattern. You will need one for each image you screen print.
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