Make a Child’s Snuggie-Like Blanket With Sleeves: Pattern for a Kid’s Sleeve Blanket

The Snuggie-type blanket which has spawned endless websites, groups and forum posts on the ridiculous. . .or sensational qualities of a blanket with sleeves, is poised for another fall and winter season offering comfort to couch potatoes everywhere.

Whether you’re a seamstress or not, a personalized child’s Snuggie-like blanket isn’t that hard to make. With a very basic sewing machine, some patience and fleece fabric, you can indulge your wild side with an animal print Snuggie-like creation or go for a quirky print in your favorite theme. It’s all straight sewing, so no special skills are necessary beyond knowing how to plug in the machine and read the directions on how to thread it.

While you’re contemplating those cold winter days and wondering how to keep the family warm without giving you local utility company most of what little money you have, think about adding more blankets to the areas where your family congregates, invest in a few sweaters and think about layering your garments instead of heading for the thermostat when you get chilly.

Kids like the sensation of being cuddled, and a sleeve/blanket in a color and print your child likes may be just the thing to make Christmas morning a special day for cozying up with a good movie or game. If the idea of a child’s Snuggie-like blanket appeals to you, a few guidelines are all you need to get started

Child’s Snuggie Like Blanket Instructions

  1. Use polar fleece fabric for your blanket. Fleece is usually sold in widths of 60 inches or more. For a child’s sleeve-blanket, you’ll need about two-and-a-half yards of fabric in all.
  2. The blanket itself will be cut 50″ by 90″. You can do this with two cuts, one at 50 inches, parallel to the selvage, and one about 22 inches up from the bottom of the length of fabric.
  3. The piece you cut off the long end, the length not the width, will become the sleeves and should measure 22″ by 50″. The drawing below will give you a good idea of how to cut your fabric.
  4. The piece you’ve cut off the bottom will be cut again into two 22″ x 25″ sections and sewn together along the long side to make each sleeve.
  5. To find the armhole placement, fold the main blanket piece in half on the long end. Measure down 12 inches from the top of the fabric and ten inches in from the fold. Cut an oval that’s eight inches top-to-bottom and five to five and a half inches side-to-side. Place the top and edge of the oval along the marks and cut. You’ll be cutting both armholes at the same time.
  6. Once you sew the sleeves in place, you can stop there. The wonderful thing about fleece is that you don’t have to hem it if you don’t want to. Of course, if you have a serger and want a more finished look you can create a serged edge or a hem.
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