JUKI MO664D Portable Serger Review

JUKI MO644D Portable Serger

Having to use a JUKI MO664D portable serger gives you an opportunity to create clothes that you want to sew or cut. Of course, the use of a serger makes the work more precise and the machine can indeed perform well. This type of essential machine is constantly developing and at the same time it is reappearing with a more advanced technology. Of course, as there are many types of portable serger, it is difficult to choose the best one for you.

As you look for the right JUKI MO664D portable serger, it always based on your preferences, budget and specific needs. This kind of powerful machinery comes with a different and complete features and accessories. In order for you to work efficiently, you must purchase a kind of sewing machine that does not complicate or not too expensive but having the same features that must still tailor fit your needs. The use of a serger in other countries is an alternative way to overlock the threading system. Basically, this versatile equipment is mainly used for sewing, fabricating, quilting and crafting.

Features and Special Specifications

JUKI MO644D Portable Serger Product Image Sewing1. This has an automatic type of rolled hem wherein you can use 2/3/4 overlock threading system. It also includes hemmers, different types of stitch options and cutters.

2. It has the ability to cut which is why this comes with a knife system wherein it is powerful in driving the equipment for the benefit of cutting rough garments or fabrics. As this has a built-in knife system, rest assured that safety is provided by the manufacturer. Always go back to the manual’s guide to read how to handle and maintain this particular area of the machine.

3. The good thing about the JUKI MO664D portable serger is that is can sew not just only light fabrics but as well as medium to heavy weight garments.

4. The color coded threading system is also similar with other sewing machine with sergers. So, this means you can as well adjust the width according to your preferences of sewing a certain fabric or clothing.

5. Pressure footer- just like any other sewing machine, this also comes with a multi-purpose of foot sewing of pressure footer for you to have a wide variety of sewing stitches experiences. This also comes available with gathering, piping, blind stitching and cording.

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Thicker to heavy duty fabrics

JUKI MO664D portable serger is an incredible functional machine wherein you can combine your sewing experience with lighter kind of fabrics such as silk. In this way, you can sew more projects and it is more advantageous to those who are in the fabric industry as well. This can be use for upholstering which includes cushions, bedding, curtains and covers.

Handling layers of fabrics

Sewing layers of fabrics can be applicable with a JUKI MO664D portable serger. It can still run smoothly and not noisy at all. With its differential feed, you can have it adjust according to how you want things done.

Therefore, this is very recommendable for people who are in the handling heavy duty fabrics especially if you are meeting a deadline in tailor fitting your customer’s needs. Its model may be small compared to other portable serger that you can find in the market but it is design to work at its best. Work is done professionally thus convenience is provided as well to your customers.

You can also use this in your home during your leisure times and you can complete a tasks with ease and comfort. Imagine you do not have to buy new clothes because you can effectively make your own with JUKI MO664D portable serger.

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