Janome 204D MyLock Serger with Exclusive Bonus Bundle Review

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Things You Must Know About Janome 204D MyLock Serger with Exclusive Bonus Bundle

Having a bonus and receiving additional value for what you paid for is an amazing thing. If you are into stitching and currently looking for the sewing machine that is best suited for you, try Janome 204D MyLock Serger with Exclusive Bonus Bundle and receive extra stuff for the equipment just like I did. Finding an excellent thread serger with several features like mine is a significant thing to consider. It is very important to have a compact machine that will be a perfect fit in your sewing room.

Janome 204D MyLock Serger with Exclusive Bonus Bundle is well built and uses the accurate stitch mechanism of Janome. Let us talk about some of the specifications of this product.

Four-Thread Machine

The sewing machine operates in a 4 thread stitching that provides you great convenience. The Janome 204D MyLock Serger has a rolled hem feature that is built-in. You can have variations and different sewing styles based on your needs and taste. Surely you will have an end product that is like professionally-made.

Exclusive Bonus Bundle

The additional items you will get from Janome 204D MyLock Serger are: two packs of various serger needles with size 11/14, a needle threader and a blind stitch foot from Janome.

Five-Year Warranty

The Janome Company offers five years warranty for mechanical parts of 204D MyLock Serger while on electrical parts they give 2 years. They also offer one year labor in their service centers. Choosing a manufacturer or a company that can give this insurance must always be considered. Always keep your items and equipment secured.

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Other Features

  • Thread guide via color coded course. This quality makes that product easy to use and operate. Surely you will not have stressful stitching moments.
  • Thread Tension dial for left/right needle as well as upper/lower. This feature will help the equipment function at its best.
  • Accessories. The accessories included in Janome 204D MyLock Serger are: a manual guide and an instructional video as well as a regular serger foot and a pack of serger needles. Also included in the accessories are large and small screwdrivers, power cord and tweezers. Being aware about these stuffs is very important so that your thread serging experience will be efficient and effective.
  • Modifiable Cutting Width. You can choose from the range of 2.0 to 5.7 mm. You will surely get the appropriate measurement which means a well-built final product.
  • Electronically-Controlled Foot. Makes the whole process runs smoothly.
  • Silent Operation. With Janome 204D MyLock Serger you can have peaceful stitching moments. You will not serve as a distraction to others because of its quiet operation.

Other parts and features of the thread serger you need to know are the side cover, looper cover, hand wheel, dial for differential feed and stitch length, the spool pin and stand, presser foot, knob for needle plate setting and the knob for the upper knife release.

Knowing the specifications of Janome 204D MyLock Serger is also vital. The product has a shipping weight of 17.1 lbs making it a not so heavy one and its dimension is 17.5 x 17.5 x 17.5 inches. You can expect high quality and superior performance.


Getting the full value for your money is very significant and having extra stuff along with it is better. In times like now you need to be practical as well as wise and you can do it thru Janome 204D MyLock Serger with Exclusive Bonus Bundle. Be the most excellent sewer you can be with the help of the product. Being a complete set, it will surely uplift your stitching skills and talents.

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