Holiday Sewing Projects: Fun Decorations for Christmas Trees, Tabletops, Walls, and Doors

Bring cheer throughout the house with your own holiday creations. Decorations are easy and fun to sew.

Some holiday-themed fabrics are just perfect for these projects. You may already have enough scraps on hand. Mix and match the materials to create a coordinated look in a given room or area of the house.

Tree Skirts and Ornaments

Dress up your Christmas tree with a handmade tree skirt. Those for small tabletop trees can be cut from a single piece of fabric. Larger tree skirts are often pieced. Sometimes, fabric stores sell pre-printed fabrics for tree skirts. All you have to do is cut it out and finish the edges. Appliqués can be added as a finishing touch.

Christmas tree ornaments are simple to make. Depending on the amount of time and effort you wish to spend on the project, these can be flat, quilted, or stuffed. A wide number of patterns are available from different sources, including magazines.

Fancy stitching and glittery trims add a decorative touch to the ornaments. Fabric paints and pens can also be used. Make loops from lace or matching trim.

Wall Hangings, Quilts, and Door Decorations

Wall hangings and quilts of any size can be used for holiday decorations. Enhance these with Swarvoski crystals and suitable appliqués. Snowflakes, snowmen, gingerbread folks, and penguins are suitable holiday motifs for those who don’t celebrate Christmas.

For a quick and easy quilt or holiday throw, use some of the pre-printed, holiday pillow tops as blocks. Then, add additional blocks made from coordinating prints.

Door panels and banners are often available as pre-printed holiday fabrics. Just cut out the piece on the cutting lines printed right on the material. Then, hem all the edges. These can also be quilted for a rich, textured look. Add a casing to hold a dowel. Or attach loops to the back for hanging the panel.

Tabletop Decorations

Create a cheerful table with holiday-inspired table runners, table toppers, mats, and scarves.

For quick and easy table runners, take small squares of holiday fabrics. Sew these together in strips to form a large rectangle. Cut a backing the same size as the runner. If time allows, add batting and quilt stitching. Otherwise, just sew the front and back together, leaving an opening so you can turn it. Then, slip stitch this shut.

Table scarves can be made from one large piece of holiday fabric. Trim this to fit the center of the table. Hem the edges, and add some seasonal appliqués. For a dressy look, add lace or trim to table runners and table toppers.

Holiday Pillows

Nothing says Christmas quite as much as a brightly colored pair of decorative holiday pillows. Printed pillow tops are quick and easy to sew. A wide assortment of holiday designs can be found in fabric stores.

If you’re short on time, just use some holiday prints as a pillow wrap. Hem the edges of the material. Wrap this neatly around throw pillows that you already have. Stitch this in place by hand, and add some colorful Christmas ribbons to the fronts of the pillows.

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