Handmade Seasonal Purses: Shoulder Bags, Clutches, Drawstrings or Zippered Satchels

Because handmade bags and purses are so inexpensive to sew, make several to rotate among your different outfits. Very likely, you’ll have enough fabrics in your stash so you need not buy any more. Generally, you’ll want to select a sturdy fabric since these bags will likely be supporting a lot of weight. The size and style of the bag can be made to suit your personal preference.

Casual shoulder bags are by far the easiest to sew. Essentially, they consist of a large square or rectangle with a matching strap. Depending on your preference, these can be lined or unlined. For extra storage space, add a patch pocket to the outside of the shoulder bag.

Depending on the style, most purses often require more sewing skills than shoulder bags. Novice sewers will likely want to start with simple styles, while the more experienced can construct more elegant ones. For fasteners, you can choose from a broad range—from buttons and zippers to snaps and Velcro. Drawstrings are also a possibility. Concerning straps and handles, the easiest method is to make a self fabric strap by sewing a tube of matching material. Twisted cord is also suitable.

For trim and decoration, add whatever details you wish, such as beads, fringe, braid, or buttons. The outer edges of openings look beautiful if they’re finished with matching bias tape. If you’ve never sewn a bag or purse before, consider using patterns. These are often available in magazines and books. In addition, commercial patterns are another option. All of these will have illustrated, step-by-step instructions, which will be especially helpful to beginners.

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