Cross Stitch Your Photos:

Using your own pictures and a cross stitch program, make a keepsake, easily put together a unique cross stitch kit, or create a fun gift. You could even make a quilt or knitting pattern from your photograph.


Cross stitch programs turn the photo into a pattern of the size you want, give the floss codes for different thread companies so you can buy what you need, and allow you to add in different stitches (backstitch, cross stitch, half cross stitch, French knots, etc.) to personalize it. The programs calculate how much floss you will need, what size Aida count fabric you can stitch on, and more. Even if you’re not a cross stitcher yourself but know of a fan who would appreciate a unique gift, a photograph made into a special pattern will preserve memories in a special way. Most programs are incredibly easy to use, even for those who aren’t familiar or confident with computers, and require only a little time to play and the passion for creativity.


If you think on a larger scale, consider that many simple cross stitch patterns can be converted into knitting patterns, or made into “postage stamp” quilts (using each cross stitch square as a one inch block or block size of your choice and then sewing the blocks in order to make the quilt).


And if you are a knitter, many cross stitch patterns can be converted into knitting patterns.


With just a few clicks, you can take a favourite photograph and create a treasured cross stitch kit or completed project. Simple enough for beginners but still fun for experienced stitchers, creating your own cross stitch patterns is a great way to express your creativity. And while the programs are created for cross stitchers, knitters and quilters will be able to use them for their own passions. There may even be other uses for these programs that haven’t been explored yet… if you know of any, let me know, or drop into the Forum to discuss it.

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