Crafting a Needle Felted Pincushion: A Quick and Sweet Beginner Project

If you have a general acquaintance with needle felting, this sweet project can be done in no time. It makes an adorable gift for a seamstress or a cute addition to your crafting table. This project is great for beginners and even pre-teens (with lots of supervision, of course.)


  • Three colors of wool roving (brights work well – you’ll need a large ball of one color and small pieces of two others for accents)
  • A set of basic felting needles (often sold as part of a beginner kit)
  • A foam block (often sold as part of a beginner kit)
  • Yarn

Beginning a Basic Pincushion

To begin this project, roll a piece of wool roving slightly bigger than the size of a finished pincushion into a tight ball. It is important to roll the felt tightly, as this will save work later and make a neater finished project. Another option is to begin with a ball of undyed roving and wrap the dyed roving around the outside being careful to cover any holes. This will save you a bit of dyed roving, which is sometimes more expensive.

Begin felting the ball with the largest size (often red) needle until you have a basic ball shape. Next, tackle the bottom. You want a flat bottom so the pincushion will not roll away. When your cushion sits nicely on a flat surface, switch to a smaller size needle (often green or blue) to give the cushion a more “finished” look. Important: Try to leave the roving a bit “looser” at the top of your cushion where you will add your design.

Decorating the Cushion

The next step is to decorate. To make a flower pattern, wrap a piece of yarn around the cushion and make a knot at the bottom. Continue this until you have three pieces criss-crossing each other at the top of the cushion. Use the yarn on top as your “guide” for felting the flower pattern, being careful not to felt the yarn to the cushion. Another option is to make the flower pattern freehand.

With either option, use the largest needle to make a definitive line pattern. Once you can see definition in the pattern, use several small pieces of wool roving to “outline” the pattern. You can do this by twisting the outline color into a small “string” and carefully felting it into place. Use a smaller needle for this part.

Finishing Your Flower

To complete the design, choose another color of roving and roll it into a small ball. Felt the ball into place. Use a larger needle to make tiny holes in the center of the flower, or choose a smaller needle for a smoother look.

Use the smallest needle (often blue) to finish the cushion, making sure it is firm. Place a few pins in the top and get ready to sew, or use this pincushion to store your felting needles (safely out of the reach of little ones).

Either way, enjoy your simple and crafty beginning felting project.

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