Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger Review

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A sewing machine that can effortlessly repair various seams of clothing and fabrics that you want to reuse. This is why a Brother Designio series DZ1234 Serger is your best option in situations like this. As soon as you have perfectly used a serge, you will definitely never want to stop repairing old clothing that you have in your closet. The use of a sewing machine with a serger comes very handy and work wise, it is indeed fast. This is also very cost effective especially if you are not planning to buy new clothes since you can just fix a hand me down clothing.

Features and Special Specifications

Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger Product Image1. It has a sewing speed of 1,300 stitches per minute. So this means, that you can finish your sewing project in no time. This is best for businesses who are in the fashion industry especially in making a couture line and which is why Brother Designio series DZ1234 serger is used because it fast moving and can stitch repair in a matter of minutes.

2. It has an easy color-coded type of threading- the struggle of a traditional sewing machine is when you’ll have to change threads every now and then just to ensure that you can use a specific color for a clothing. Furthermore, with this special feature, you do not have to worry about shifting colors while you use a serger.

3. Customizing your own clothing- this includes a blind hem stitch, gathering and piping foot and you will also have a starter thread pack in which you can have various colors to start with a sewing project.

4. It provides a perfect width stitch- when it comes to helping you with a good sewing project, the use of this type of equipment is so durable and reliable that you do not have to worry about adjusting the width according to your preference. This can be adjusted between 3.0mm to 7.0mm.

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This allows a perfect seam finish in just a matter of minutes after you have used the equipment.

This has a built-in kind of elasticity which makes it naturally fit for knitted fabrics. It’s best that you use the 3-thread overlock if you want to have a perfect seam.

Gathering- the use of a presser foot is optional, however, its usage is very essential if you want to ensure that you can have an outcome that will look like it is professionally done. This is easy to use in making home decor items such as pillow shams.

The use of a cover stitching- if you notice, most of the readymade garments are hemmed and with a Brother Designio series DZ1234 serger, you can repair clothes that you want to make it look better or for that matter wearable.

Other benefits also includes in using a serger.

Rolled hem- this is usually applicable for children’s clothing.

Chain stitching- if you want to repair jeans or a cotton type. Chain stitching the top of the garment depends on how you want to design and style it.

Mastering the use of a Brother Designio series DZ1234 serger is important especially if you want to learn more about the use of a serge. There are techniques and its basics on how you’re going to do a serge and at the same time, you will be please with the result. The DZ1234 series is known for its efficient and high quality sewing machine. If you want things to be done in a fast, easy and yet comfortable way. This is the best equipment that you can ever own.

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