Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed Review

Brother 1034D 3 4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed Top Product Image

The trend marketing of sewing machine is growing in demand because of its advanced and featured models which make a clothing and fabric business very efficient in supplying the needs of the customers. This has become an advantage as well for those who are new enthusiast to sewing machines. Its innovative poised has also influenced consumers to purchase a kind of sewing machine that is reliable and highly performs which results to a finishing product that is just like made by a professional. The Brother 1034 3/4 thread Serger differential feed will be your ultimate machine for your business or leisure pursuit.

Lower loop threading and Differential feed

The Brother 1034 3/4 thread Serger differential feed has unique threading features which have stitching options that you can choose depending on the sewing style that you want to achieve for your sewing project. When it comes to changing threads, this has a lower loop threading system that offers a fast and convenient way to ensure that your stitching experience is easy and fun. The use of a differential feed improves the result of your sewing especially on thin or stretchy fabrics. Its finishing outcome is perfection. Furthermore, this has optional presser feet that you can use to get that stitching in progress.

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Features and Special Specifications

Brother 1034D 3 4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed Product Image

1. This has a built-in stitch function- for bridal clothing, formal wear shops, home decor such as curtains and other crafts wherein the Brother 1034 3/4 thread Serger differential feed is your type of sewing machine to purchase as this has a built-in function of a 3-thread and 4-thread over lock, rolled hem, narrow and lock stitch ribbons.

2. You can create more than anything that you can do as a leisure sewing project such as making of a bed sheet, ruffles, a type of narrow sleeves and more.

3. For a sewing enthusiast, to make your creation in good quality the use of a differential fabric feeds enhances the stitch for fabrics that are thin, stretchy or knitted.

4. It comes with a pressure feet controller- if you are used to the traditional sewing kind of way, the pressure feet controller is optional. This is for a sewing style that you will either tuck the hem and flat lock the stitches accordingly.

The Brother 1034 3/4 thread Serger differential feed also comes with benefits, here are the following.

It has all-around stitching options- as mentioned you can choose either in a 4-thread lock, 3-thread lock, narrow and rolled hem and the ribbon lock stitches.

Stitch widths are adjustable- the good with this equipment is that you can adjust your stitching styles according to your specified way of sewing. You can adjust it between 5 to 7mm.

Easy way of threading- compared to the traditional sewing machine, the use of 1034 has an easier loop threading system and it does not complicate your experience in connecting the each threads. Make sure that you are placing it in the right position.

It has standard sewing machine needles- another great deal it you purchase a 1034 because you can basically improvise a standard needle that you are using in your home.

Speed up stitching- if you have many orders from clients, this is sewing equipment can hasten your workload. This can speed up to 1,300spm speed and at the same time it delivers a good quality of stitching style.

Therefore, the Brother 1034 3/4 thread Serger differential feed can definitely help you handle more orders your clients especially if you are in the clothing and fabric business or if you want to create a gift for your best friend, this can perform the task well.

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