Braided Snowman Fabric Wreath: A Fun Sewing Project for Winter

The house seems so empty when the Christmas decorations come down. Snowmen sewing projects are the perfect antidote to the post-holiday blahs. Create a braided snowman fabric wreath to replace the one you used for Christmas.

Suitable for doors and walls, this winter sewing project is quick and easy. It is suitable for beginners.

This winter wreath consists of three slender fabric tubes stuffed with polyfill. Though you could make do with two tubes, the wreath won’t look as full.

Choosing Fabrics for the Snowman Wreath

For this project, you’ll need three different fabrics. Choose coordinating prints and solids for best results. Typically, stores will have several small scale prints depicting snowmen. Avoid snowmen prints with obvious Christmas motifs. For variety, use one solid color.

The most suitable snowman prints will have a blue background, a perfect color for the winter months. A blue with snowflakes would also work very well.

Since this wreath only requires a four-inch-wide strip of each fabric, you may have scraps left over from other projects. The strips should be three feet in length.

Sewing the Wreath

Fold each strip lengthwise with the right sides together. Using a one-fourth inch seam, stitch one end and along the open side. Leave the other end open so you can turn the tube.

Stuffing and Finishing the Wreath

Next, turn each tube right side out. Press, and stuff with polyfill. This will take time and patience. Use a thin dowel to push the filling evenly along the entire length of each tube. Once a tube is stuffed, slipstitch the opening.

Now, place the three completed tubes side by side on a table. Then, braid them to create a circular wreath. Slipstitch the ends of the tubes in place once the braiding is done.

Sew a small tab onto the back of the wreath. This will be used for hanging the project on a picture hanger or wreath hook/holder.

For a decorative touch, you can create a bow from one of the matching fabrics. For a generous sized bow, cut a strip about six inches wide and 3½ to four feet in length.

Fold in half lengthwise with the right sides together. Sew one end and along the open side. Turn, and press. Slipstitch the opening. Now, tie into a bow. Attach this to the top of the wreath. Your snowman wreath is now ready to hang.

Depending on the weather in your area, this can be displayed from January through the early part of March.

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